I graduated from Oregon State University (that’s in Corvallis, OR) in 2010. My degree was a BFA in applied visual arts with a photo option. Mostly I do photojournalism, editorial type work; I’ve worked as a photog at OSU’s student news paper. I interned for three months at The News-Review in 2009 – a 20,000 circulation daily publication based out of Roseburg in Southern Oregon, they covered all of Douglas County. I’ve also done some private, semi-professional work; weddings, portraits, freelance work. In September 2010 I finished up a internship with The Bulletin, in Bend, Oregon; another medium-sized daily, local Oregon paper that covers mainly Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook Counties.

Even though it’s mostly been journalistic type stuff – that’s what I thought I wanted to do for a long time – I’m now really getting into more portraity type stuff I guess, and I’ve always had a soft spot for art and film (someday I’ll get into scanning some negatives and prints and posting those as well, but probably not for a while). I’m still not sure what I want to do with photography, I’m not sure I’ve found my niche – right now that’s anything that pays – but I really like sports, shooting sport, photographing athletes, some people call them “sportraits”. I also really like photographing people, and intense artist things like emotion, the human condition…

Okay that’s the schpeel.

On October 12th, 2010, I moved to Thailand to teach English for a year! I taught in Chachoengsao for 6 months, and now I’m living in Hua Hin for the next 10 months; I’ll probably be back state side around February-March 2012. It’s a crazy adventure, so keep in touch cause I’ll try to post a lot while I’m here on the other side of the world. **UPDATE: I’ll will be back in the US September 6th.

Photography interests:
sports photography
editorial photography
environmental portraits and features
features and “snapshot” photos

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions, criticism (constructive :)), or just start a conversation.

The email: wickjeff (at) gmail (dot) com

PS. the photo above of me was taken by my lovely girlfriend in Lop Buri, Thailand at a monkey festival. Talk about monkey on your back!


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